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So we need to bring blood for class tonight (for making blood smears and learning to interpret them) and I have some friends who aren’t able to get blood so I’m bringing extra for them.

There’s no animals at work who need to get blood drawn for anything so I chose one to get blood from for class…this lady who works in the kennels always starts yelling about how I’m “not doing a blood transfusion” when I literally have 0.1cc’s of blood!

She actually compared me getting blood for school to euthanasias saying she could handle euths but what I’m doing is ‘just wrong’ and she couldn’t watch.

I might have gone off about how she eats meat and uses things full of animal products that were even tested on animals, how what I’m doing is to learn to help animals, and how she needs to shut the fuck up.

Smoked apple sage Field Roast sausage with red and green bell peppers, onion, carrots and potatoes
The husband of one of the vets I work with is vegan so me and her always talk about different vegan foods. Yesterday she brought me these and I brought her the Earth Balance boxed mac and cheese


The “plant sentience” argument is such BS. Do carnists not realize that when they use this argument, they are literally confessing to double the murder??? Like how does this argument benefit your cause HOW


My collection of Disney crap with vegan messages

Not sure how many more people are going to reblog this saying things about how these messages aren’t specifically vegan.

I understand you can not support the fur trade, or prefer to adopt animals and not be vegan but all of these are vegan messages.

It’s like saying “don’t eat meat” is not a vegan message because vegetarians don’t eat meat either…while true that vegetarians don’t eat meat it doesn’t make it less of a vegan thing

I don’t understand people trying to make this not vegan because they apparently don’t want to support vegan things


Bats illuminated by lightning


Bats illuminated by lightning


Take a good look at the first 3 photos in this set and remember them next time you want to see a dolphin in captivity. That’s what your money goes to. All companies that keep dolphins captive are inter-connected. Just remember those may be your dollars you paid being handed off under the table to import a wild caught dolphin, or your dollars may be directly handed to the man who captured and/or killed the dolphins like you saw in that show. 

Still need more convincing that dolphin captivity is wrong? Here are some fast facts:

  • Dolphins in the wild spend around 80% of their time exploring, feeding, and socializing underwater. Captive dolphins spend about 80% of their time at the surface because they are logging lifelessly at the surface, looking for food/attention, or waiting for commands by their trainers who control every aspect of their life.
  • In the wild dolphins are documented to swim 40 or MORE miles per day. In captivity, they are confined to an area that is dramatically smaller, not allowing them to swim or dive as long or deep as they would in the wild. Animals can develop stereotypical behaviors from lack of space to act naturally in. 
  • In the wild dolphins utilize their extreme intelligence by spending a lot of time hunting and developing hunting techniques together. This gives the animals an opportunity to problem solve, get stimulation, and socialize with each other. In captivity animals are fed dead frozen fish in a limited variety (sometimes unnatural to the animal’s typical diet), taking away that massive chunk of their wild daily lives from them and leaving them under stimulated.
  • Dolphins are highly social, and although they do not always stay together for life, they form complex societies and dialects, which are disrupted in captivity and cause aggression and frustration between tank mates who are forced to live together. 
  • Dolphins that are put through swim-with programs are subject to humans constantly invading their heavily confined space. Not only does this put dolphins at risk of contracting disease from the tourists and tourists at risk of being injured by these wild animals, these programs give the dolphins no peace from humans who are constantly trying to interact with them by force.
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'I think Cara is secretly boring and just pretends'
But I’m pretty sure I am boring..just cause I’m weird doesn’t mean I lead an exciting life